Voter Education

live_map_presidentForbes published a list of the most and least educated states in the U.S. (based on the attainment of degrees and the quality of the education). When looking at the specific state names on the list, I felt that I already saw these exact groups before – and very recently.

Following this hunch, I went to the 2016 Presidential Election Map. I was right with my feeling. The 10 most educated states (Massachusetts, Maryland, Colorado, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Virginia, Minnesota, Washington and New Jersey) all voted against Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Of 10 least educated states (Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, Nevada, Kentucky, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia), nine voted for Trump; only Nevada voted against.

Any additional comments needed here? I don’t think so.

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Eugene Ivanov is the Founder of (WoC)2, an innovation consultancy that helps organizations extract maximum value from the wisdom of crowds by coordinated use of internal and external crowdsourcing.
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