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A house with a roof but no walls

Back in 2005 or 2006, I was on a business trip in Germany. One night, I was having dinner with a business partner of mine, an innovation manager at a large German chemical company. We chatted about this and that, … Continue reading

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The last mile of the marathon

A few years ago, my daughter ran her first marathon. She then decided to take a short break from running: first, to get a well-deserved rest for her body, and second, to take care of business left neglected due to … Continue reading

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The questions we ask

In my previous post, I argued that the proper definition of a problem is the most important part of any innovation initiative, in particular, crowdsourcing campaign. Inspired by the Pareto Principle, I call it the 80:20 rule of crowdsourcing: 80% … Continue reading

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How to win a war

What do you need to win a war? A few things. First, you need an army equipped with superior weapons and instilled with high spirits. Second, you need a vibrant economy capable of sustaining the hardship of continued military operations. … Continue reading

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A stranger in the room

Better decisions come from teams that include a “socially distinct newcomer” (Kellogg School of Management News, 2009) What role do external consultants play in shaping corporate innovation? Steve Blank, one of the greatest innovation thinkers of our times, seems to discount … Continue reading

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