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Are We Going Crazy about Using the Word “Innovation”?

This past weekend, I made a routine shopping trip to Lowe’s. Strolling around the store, I was stunned to see a large poster marking the entry to one of the aisles: New Innovation. My first reaction was that this was … Continue reading

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Working a Crowd

If crowdsourcing has not yet become a mainstream innovation tool, this is definitely not for the lack of attention. Crowdsourcing remains a topic of intense academic studies, and a recent paper by researchers from Simon Frazer University in Canada is … Continue reading

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Not All Innovation Models Are Created Equal

It’s one of the most popular topics in innovation discussions: why innovation fails? How many times have you heard the following narrative? With great fanfare, the XYZ Company launches an innovation initiative. Employees are urged to submit ideas, and a … Continue reading

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The Global Competitiveness Report 2014-15 is out. It’s described as an assessment of the “competitiveness of 144 economies based on 12 “pillars” which include institutions, infrastructure, health and education, labor market efficiency, technological readiness, innovation and business sophistication.” Here is … Continue reading

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