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Voter Education

Forbes published a list of the most and least educated states in the U.S. (based on the attainment of degrees and the quality of the education). When looking at the specific state names on the list, I felt that I … Continue reading

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A Performance Paradox: Why Is Crowdsourcing So Seldom Used?

Call it a performance paradox: while being an effective innovation tool, crowdsourcing is seldom used by organizations. A fresh example of this paradox came in the recent Gartner 2016 CIO Agenda Report (highlighted in a June 27, 2016 Forbes article). … Continue reading

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I Love You, I Love You Not… (Our short-lived romance with Chief Innovation Officer)

Oops! It turns out that we don’t love a Chief Innovation Officer anymore. Just a short time ago, Chief Innovation Officers (CINO as per popular abbreviation) were heralded as a new frontier in innovation management. Considered a missing link between … Continue reading

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In defense of brainstorming

Am I the only one who’s getting tired of constant bashing of brainstorming? The latest attack that I saw, coming from Forbes, begins with the following rhetoric question: “Have you ever sat through a fruitless brainstorming session and wondered—who came up … Continue reading

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