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Location (Location, Location) and Innovation

In my previous post, I discussed evidence indicating that liberal social policies make U.S. states implementing them more innovative. If so, one would expect that liberal U.S. states are in general more innovative than conservative. To see if there is … Continue reading

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What Can Social Policies Do to Innovation?

Like it or not, government socioeconomic policies influence innovation. Some of them, e.g., R&D tax credits and innovation grants, do that in a positive way. Others, such as the notorious Prohibition of 1920-1933, deeply damaged U.S. innovation. Traditionally the bulk … Continue reading

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Innovation do’s and don’ts

Jeff Bezos once said: “Good intentions don’t work, mechanisms do.” I interpret this line as implicit support for my conviction that chasing the chimera of “culture of innovation” is a distraction, rather than an enabler, of corporate innovation. Instead, firms … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Boost Innovation through Diversity

Have you ever heard about Employment Nondiscrimination Acts (ENDAs)? I suppose not. An obscure and boring subject. And yet, you might be surprised to learn that ENDAs, the U.S. state-level laws that prohibit discrimination based on sexual and gender identities, … Continue reading

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