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Start-ups as an enemy of entrepreneurship?

On July 27, The Telegraph published a column offering a blistering criticism of start-ups and what it’s calling a “start-up culture.” As the column author, Lucas Mikelionis, argues in the header, “Start-up culture is corrupting our youth and killing real … Continue reading

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What Questions Does Chattanooga Shooting Raise?

I like to argue that a key to successful crowdsourcing campaign is to ask a right question. It doesn’t really matter what this question is about, for as long as it well-thought-out, properly defined and clearly articulated. For, in the … Continue reading

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On Henry Ford, Toyota and Faster Horses

A consensus seems to have emerged that customer feedback, gathered through market research, is a key to successful innovation. And yet, dissenting votes can still be heard. Some folks claim that paying too much attention to customers can stifle innovation, degrade … Continue reading

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