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Internal innovation: overcoming the dangers of remote work

Pessimists are said to be the happiest people on earth, for they celebrate when their own predictions don’t come true. There was a shock wave of panic last spring when, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, firms around the globe had … Continue reading

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A Case of Innovation Foreboding: 3 Things That Can Damage U.S. Innovation Long-Term

When it comes to complex things, the proverbial glass is never full; it’s only half-empty. On the other hand, the glass is never empty; it’s always half-full. The glass analogy perfectly applies to U.S. innovation. In fits and starts, the … Continue reading

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Prohibition, disrupted networks, and innovation

The best answer to the question “Do government regulations hurt innovation?” seems to be “It depends.” The suspicions against regulations are fueled by wide-spread belief that they damage economic growth, with which innovation is intimately connected. Yet, academic research on the … Continue reading

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