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A Case of Innovation Foreboding: 3 Things That Can Damage U.S. Innovation Long-Term

When it comes to complex things, the proverbial glass is never full; it’s only half-empty. On the other hand, the glass is never empty; it’s always half-full. The glass analogy perfectly applies to U.S. innovation. In fits and starts, the … Continue reading

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U.S. innovation: a perennial half-full/half-empty glass

In my previous post, I argued that a wide-spread belief that we are swimming in an ocean of cheap innovative ideas – solidified in a popular slogan “ideas are a dime a dozen” — is no more than a myth. … Continue reading

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Sharing Knowledge in Times of Crisis – and Beyond

(This piece was originally posted to the HeroX blog) In March 2020, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy1 released an open dataset of scientific information on the novel coronavirus responsible for the ongoing worldwide pandemic. Titled COVID-19 Open Research Dataset, … Continue reading

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