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U.S. innovation: a perennial half-full/half-empty glass

In my previous post, I argued that a wide-spread belief that we are swimming in an ocean of cheap innovative ideas – solidified in a popular slogan “ideas are a dime a dozen” — is no more than a myth. … Continue reading

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Innovation and Freedom

With waves of profound technological change rocking every corner of the global economy, innovation isn’t a luxury anymore, not even a matter of choice – it’s a means of survival.  The mantra “innovate or die” may have become a cliché, … Continue reading

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Freedom to innovate

In one of my recent posts, I listed specific socioeconomic factors that favor or obstruct corporate innovation. Some of them, such as termination or compensation policies and the way organizations treat their employees, are in full control of the organizations … Continue reading

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No Change On The Top Of Innovation Olympus

Recently, I wrote about the annual 2013 Global Innovation Index (GII 2013), composed by Cornell University, European Institute of Business Administration and World Intellectual Property Organization, that ranked 142 world countries’ innovation capabilities and achievements. I made a curious observation that … Continue reading

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