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3 best innovation team formulas (and when to ignore them)

This article first appeared on Qmarkets blog in 2017 and is reproduced here with some modifications. You’ve heard this cliché many times before: innovation is all about people. Even if you’re an avid fan of AI, you hardly expect robots … Continue reading

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Can the Wisdom of Crowds Help Solve the Refugee Crisis in Europe?

(A longer version of this piece originally appeared on the Qmarkets blog) The refugee crisis that keeps tormenting Europe, as serious as it is, has two additional troubling features. First, despite the fact that the humanitarian situation in the Middle … Continue reading

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Three Reasons for your Company to Write an Innovation Charter

 This piece was originally posted to the Qmarkets blog A lack of executive leadership is one of the most commonly mentioned reasons for the failure of innovation. This leadership vacuum usually comes in two flavors. The company’s CEO loudly declares “Let’s … Continue reading

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