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The Role of Diversity in Innovation

(This piece was originally posted to the HeroX blog) Can labor laws affect innovation? To many people, this question may sound nonsensical. Why would such a boring thing like labor law have anything to do with an exciting act of creating … Continue reading

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Freedom to innovate

In one of my recent posts, I listed specific socioeconomic factors that favor or obstruct corporate innovation. Some of them, such as termination or compensation policies and the way organizations treat their employees, are in full control of the organizations … Continue reading

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Building your innovation “dream team”

(A longer version of this piece was originally posted to the Qmarkets blog) You’ve heard this cliché many times before: innovation is all about people. Even if you’re an avid AI fan, you hardly expect robots replacing humans as innovators any time … Continue reading

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When many experts are too many

In my earlier posts (here and here), I argued that when facing a complex technical or business problem the majority of organizations have a natural inclination to begin the problem-solving process with engaging experts, either internal (employees) or external (consultants). … Continue reading

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The beauty of crowdsourcing

Last week, I spoke with Paul Arnold, a seasoned business writer and BBC alumnus. The topic of our conversation was crowdsourcing: how companies use it and why they’re often disappointed with the results of their crowdsourcing campaigns. The full text … Continue reading

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