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Are you innovating? We won’t be paying you today!

A solid body of evidence, from both controlled laboratory experiments and field studies, shows that compensation based on the pay-for-performance (P-f-P) principle—when individuals receive a fixed percentage of the profits resulted from their activities–is effective in inducing higher levels of … Continue reading

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Don’t Fire Me: I’m Innovating

It is election season here in the United States, and the stump speech–a standard, boring and short on substance pitch delivered by the acting and aspiring (and often uninspiring) politicians–is back in vogue. Recently, I recognized what the stump speech … Continue reading

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Investing in culture of innovation

Everyone would agree that the rational risk-taking–and acceptance of failure as a likely outcome of any exploratory project–represents one of the most crucial components of the bona fide culture of innovation. What is missing in our endless talks about establishing … Continue reading

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Once again, can money buy innovation?

The question whether companies should incentivize innovation remains one of the most controversial topics in the innovation management field. Some people argue that innovation does not need to be motivated because it’s based on creativity, and creativity feeds on intrinsic … Continue reading

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New Survey: Incentivizing Employees to Innovate

(This post originally appeared on Innovation Excellence) More and more businesses view innovation as a new paradigm for achieving competitive advantage. Now businesses must focus on how to make the innovation process more effective. Experts and innovation practitioners agree that … Continue reading

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On Cash and Praise: How We Reward Innovation

(This post originally appeared on Forward Metrics) A good friend of mine works for a high-tech company in Massachusetts. Recently, the company’s new CEO, an avid fitness buff, has introduced an initiative: every employee who’d spend certain number of hours per … Continue reading

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