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Are You Free to Innovate?

My search for factors advancing corporate innovation has led me to a somewhat unexpected conclusion: to innovate, you need freedom. This freedom can be realized at three major levels. The first level is individual, manifested as freedom from being discriminated … Continue reading

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Investing in R&D spending

Innovation is rapidly becoming the key factor defining America’s economic growth, prosperity, and competitiveness on the world stage. It also has a profound effect on national security, as highlighted in a 2019 report composed by the Council on Foreign Relations … Continue reading

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U.S. innovation: a perennial half-full/half-empty glass

In my previous post, I argued that a wide-spread belief that we are swimming in an ocean of cheap innovative ideas – solidified in a popular slogan “ideas are a dime a dozen” — is no more than a myth. … Continue reading

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Innovation and Freedom

With waves of profound technological change rocking every corner of the global economy, innovation isn’t a luxury anymore, not even a matter of choice – it’s a means of survival.  The mantra “innovate or die” may have become a cliché, … Continue reading

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Freedom to Connect

Social media were once considered a liberating technology, a level playing field allowing civil groups and ordinary citizens to reach large audiences at little or no cost. Unfortunately, the open and almost unregulated space of social media platforms has been … Continue reading

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