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Five Barriers to Adopting Open Innovation and How to Overcome Them

(This piece was originally posted to the HeroX blog) A friend of mine, an innovation consultant, likes to joke: “Innovation is simple…but not easy.” The same can be said about open innovation. Henry Chesbrough, who introduced the concept of open innovation … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing: A Decade In Review

(This piece was originally posted to the HeroX blog) In 2004, James Surowiecki published a highly influential book, “The Wisdom of Crowds.” The central idea of the book is that the decisions made by a large and diverse group of … Continue reading

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A crowd inside

When you read the original (and, in my opinion, still the best) definition of crowdsourcing proposed by Jeff Howe in 2006–“the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent (usually an employee) and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally … Continue reading

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Are crowds stupid?

We have been talking about the wisdom of crowds for so long and with such a passion that it was only a matter of time that someone would decide to call crowds stupid. And here it comes: Aran Rees, “a creativity … Continue reading

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