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Innovation and IPO

Of all business processes, innovation is arguably the riskiest and most unpredictable; the rate of failure of innovation projects is shockingly high compared to other corporate programs and initiatives. Identifying factors that would make innovation more sustainable is therefore critical. … Continue reading

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Balancing startup success and failure: how VC investors can tip the scales

Recently, I’ve come across an interesting paper, “Tolerance for Failure and Corporate Innovation,” published in 2011 by Xuan Tian of Indiana University and Tracy Yue Wang of University of Minnesota. Tian and Wang studied the relationship between venture capital (VC) … Continue reading

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Chief Decision Maker

This blog has a recurrent theme: I’m interested in corporate policies that organizations may try to foster the culture of innovation. The only requirement for making the cut is that this policy must be specific and actionable (i.e., not just … Continue reading

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The Game of Acceleration

What helps startups succeed? One of a few factors identified so far is providing startups with mentoring. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration–and a 2014 similar study in the U.K.–small businesses receiving mentoring services survive longer than non-mentored enterprises. This fact points … Continue reading

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Don’t Fire Me: I’m Innovating

It is election season here in the United States, and the stump speech–a standard, boring and short on substance pitch delivered by the acting and aspiring (and often uninspiring) politicians–is back in vogue. Recently, I recognized what the stump speech … Continue reading

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Get it right: how to help startups succeed

Given the increasingly important role startups and other small businesses play in today’s economy, supporting them should be considered a policy that will have a profound positive effect on the global economy. From this perspective, pinpointing factors casing startups fail is … Continue reading

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Big Brother Loves You

By contributing to economic growth and creating jobs, small businesses play an important, perhaps, increasingly important, role in the global economy. Moreover, as the cradle for novel technologies and business models, small companies serve as the engine of the innovation … Continue reading

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